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Processos Pedagógicos em E-Learning

An annotated bibliography on Online Teaching Techniques:

1- The Online Teaching System

This edition of DEOSNEWS, behind an article by Morten Flate Paulsen based on his doctoral thesis which focuses on teaching techniques of computer-mediated communication.This article provides a theoretical framework for online learning systems that identifies the elements of importance to the process of online learning and explains how they are related. Author's thesis is that the designers of the course and teachers should be able to provide a better online education through the application of all these elements together into a holistic system.

2- The Role of Teacher in Educational Contexts Online: Problems and potentialities

This document presents Professor Lina Morgado models of online learning and the relationship between technology and pedagogy. The author points out that technological innovation in education has been marked inHowever, successive failures, and several factors have contributed tothis failure. Among them, highlights the lack of clear identification of the objectives ofuse of new technologies, the emphasis in the middle and not on the content andresistance to inevitable change. Such an education that integrates the computer in itsstructure of education or virtual sets, see your success depend not only ontechnological innovation in the field, but above all of factors from a teachingand organizational

3 - Web 2.0 Manual for Teachers ( Ana Amelia Carvalho)

I consider this document an indispensable reading for those who will work with online education, after all, the web is to be treated as a platform on which everything is easily accessible.This material in each chapter, the background is made of each tool, explains how to create an online space and approaches to their use in educational practices.

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